Happy Busy Week with good news

Hello Friends,

How are you? I hope everything is absolutely great and awesome with you all. This week has been fanatically busy and few days badly lazy for me that’s why couldn’t write and again it became another one week later Saturday’s blog ha-ha. I will definitely tell you how but first let me know about your week. Comment below how’s your week went, busy like me or your scheduled work did the magic and you had a relaxing and calm week. Would love to read your comments.

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One thing which I have learned this week so far is that procrastination is a big issue in life and when it comes to being productive, it becomes a major cause of failure. Being lazy gives you every possible excuse to procrastinate. We need to learn how to avoid this and be firm in our mind about being productive. I usually make a list of my work in the morning and see this list every time when my mind say let’s ditch the work and sleep. This list reminds me that I have to finish this before anything else. This is how I avoid procrastination.


Now I have started paying more attention what I am writing as my writing really influence people and this thing I got to know after getting a recognition in the form of nomination of “The sunshine blogger awardFor my first blog account which is chiimmiii.blogspot.in. Yes guys, I was nominated for this award. I got this good news this week and I was on the seventh sky. You will relate to me in this matter when you do something with your whole heart and you get recognition, the feeling after that you can’t even explain to anyone.


Another news is that I subscribed for the Glam Ego box which is India’s top online beauty subscription box service, which contains 4 luxury beauty products just at 299 rupees per month. I choose it for skin care as it provides best natural skin care products too with the minimum price. For more information keep checking out my other channel, will upload blog with hopefully review video soon. I am really excited to try these products as I got the box already and I liked all the products a lot.

glamego box-chiimmiii.jpg

So this was my week so far, I am thinking to work on some new projects as life needs goal to move on and I need to make it clear in my head.

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Until next time, Love yourself!!!

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42 thoughts on “Happy Busy Week with good news

  1. Congratulations on the award! May it be the first of many. I had a really productive week. It involved writing and watching tutorial videos that l had been procrastinating on, so it was a good week. 😀

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  2. I can definitely relate to a busy schedule. I’ve learned not to procrastinate. Why put off what can be done today? New opportunities or challenges pop up every day and you want to be available to accept them or meet them head on. When I find myself getting lazy and try to put something off, I remind myself of that and then make some coffee : )

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  3. I hear you on the importance of overcoming procrastination. I keep a to-do list and check off tasks as I complete them. Somehow this helps me shake off the desire to put things off. Great post! Have a wonderful week!

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  4. First of all congratulations for the Sunshine Blogger award. Secondly I am also a procrastinator myself, I delay my work till the last moment and convince myself that I perform better under pressure..:D Well that does hold true, but I still I should be more productive. Thanks for sharing this wonderful thought.

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    1. This same thing i do , I keep myself away from the work till the last moment and at last i do that saying that i do it better under pressure haahaa .
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂

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  5. Sounds like a great week! Congrats on your Sunshine Blogger award. I have to learn to stop procrastinating, as well. It can definitely be challenging!

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  6. Procrastinating is a tough one to battle but it’s really a must to overcome it. When you’re productive, you’re going to feel more refreshed to do things throughout the day! At least that how I feel. Congrats on the nomination!


  7. Well…I procrastinated last week big time. And I’ll finish this week probably the same way. Sometimes a girl needs to take a break to see what she should do with her life. Thinking about moving. I can’t do much while thinking really really…deep. :))


  8. Well…I procrastinated last week big time. And I’ll finish this week probably the same way. Sometimes a girl needs to take a break to see what she should do with her life. Thinking about moving. I can’t do much while thinking really really…deep. :))


  9. Congratulations on your nomination! Procrastination is something I struggle with too, but sometimes I wonder if it’s more of an issue with trying to do too much at one time.


  10. Oh wow! What a great pay-off for your busy days?! Congratulations! I love your motivation saying, “life needs a goal to move on.”. This is something that I need to keep in mind to continue what I am enjoying right now. Keep up the great work my dear. 😀

    -Gerome of G&D Blog


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