Happy Busy Week with good news

Hello Friends,

How are you? I hope everything is absolutely great and awesome with you all. This week has been fanatically busy and few days badly lazy for me that’s why couldn’t write and again it became another one week later Saturday’s blog ha-ha. I will definitely tell you how but first let me know about your week. Comment below how’s your week went, busy like me or your scheduled work did the magic and you had a relaxing and calm week. Would love to read your comments.

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Let’s be a bit more Selfish

Hello friends ,

Beings selfish is not a good thing at all but sometime in life it’s really necessary to be selfish in order to grow and move in life further. You can not just get offended by every other thing or people and feel that anger every day. You need to be selfish and think about your own self first. Think about yourself, your health, your studies, your happiness . This is how you will be able to do things more peacefully I guess.

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It’s time to organize things properly

Hello friends,

It’s been one month in this house and everything is almost settled here. In all this haste I forgot to contact my university for the practical exams and I thought I missed them. But by God’s grace nothing like this happened. Exams will be in October and I am relaxed. I used your advice to keep focus more on the positive side when I am in trouble and this time it worked. I am enjoying a lot more than usual as I got to interact with you all through writing and comments. Continue reading “It’s time to organize things properly”