House hunting, hot weather and me

Hello friends,

I hope you all are doing well.

Hunting house in this summer is a real life hustle. This was the reason I could not write much for last week too as I was really busy with the house hunting stuff. Finally we found a house which is suitable for us and our budget, haha. I don’t know why but I like changing houses now. I kind of like this changing thing, arranging and managing them again thing. I literally used to hate this thing earlier when I was a kid but not anymore. This is a big change I have noticed in myself.

House hunting- sonusaying.jpg

Before finding this house, we saw one more and finalize that but the landlord was not clear with the conditions earlier and wasted a whole week of ours. After a week he said he added few more conditions which was not suitable for us. This was really frustrating for us. People need to be clearer when they do the deals like this. After this incident our house hunting journey begun again. It too another week and we finally got this beautiful house which I really like.

This whole week was really tough for us as a family. House is really important thing and I realize that now.

This week so far:-

Words for a hopeless person with a fake happy attitude – You have all rights to create your own life, no one does that for you. Off course we all face situations but it’s our choice what weapon we want to use in order to handle those situation. No one is going to watch you with this sad and crying face all the time, not even you will love yourself like this. So change this attitude and adopt some positivity. You really need that healthy positive attitude towards life, towards your own self. Care for your own self before looking at others with those pitiful eyes. You need that pity first.

Words for a hopeless person with a fake happy attitude -sonusaying.jpg

Seriously change your sad and negative attitude otherwise you will be alone soon even before death. There is no need to be clown without inner happiness. You can’t make others happy until you are happy at your own. People will find their happiness with their own way, so stop worrying about them. They are not worth wasting your own self on them.

Like it, Do it – Don’t stop yourself from doing something just because you are not sure about it. You have to take risk in life in order to live it because this universe is really big and we are just a mere little creation. There is no need to bother yourself for all those boundaries which is created by human only and which is stopping you from living your own life.                Like it, Do it - sonusaying.jpg

If you want it, go for it.

If you like it, go for it.

If you love it, definitely go for it.

Emotional side – Sometime the people you think knows you in the best way possible, questions your existence, your behavior, your survival. Don’t know what to do then as life shatters you. It takes a small stone sometime to hit someone very hard instead of big stone. Keep yourself up after every tear you shed. Sometime you left nothing with, to tell your heart any positive note. Hug yourself tight and cry it out hard. It feels really great after that.

emotional side - sonusaying.jpg

My issues – I planned my day and started working but then something bad happened and took all the attention of mine. I couldn’t work at all after that. This always happens with me. I need to change this attitude because it always affect my work. I need to learn how to live unaffected from all those small issues. I panicked really easy all the time. One more thing which is my prompt reactions. I need to learn to take time and think and then decide what to react.

If you have any suggestions for me, do let me know by commenting.

Until next time, keep loving yourself!


31 thoughts on “House hunting, hot weather and me

  1. I love the picture of all the houses, whereabouts do you live?

    Sorry to hear the first landlord was a bit of a douche… We all learn from going through these things for next time. I know I’ve dealt with some horrible landlords so I know what to look out for now 🙂

    Thanks for all the positivity tips! 💚


  2. Oh, I hate it when I’m having a good day and then one little moment ruins it. I need to work on staying positive and looking past negative things and continue having a good day.


  3. Changing and setting up a new house is a hectic thing. But when you are in a situation and when you enjoy the process, what are you waiting for?!
    There’s no need to bother much, if you really like to do it. Well said. Best Wishes! 🙂


  4. Jaipur is such beautiful city, I have loved for some 6 years there! House hunting is tough & for me changing houses are too tough.. I really don’t like them as you do. Cheers you did it!!


  5. Unfortunately the only constant is change. But it’s important to always keep a positive attitude and not be so hard on yourself if you don’t complete one of your goals or tasks for the day. One way to do so is with positive confirmations and/or meditations. Think on things that are good, lovely, kind, etc…that will keep you in a good mood!


  6. Yes I was that way too, something happens and it changes my whole mood and plan. Depending on what it is you have to learn to still keep moving and accomplishing what you set. It will take time and a lot of practice.


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